Roger Hunker, Breeders World Online Sales

Today, there is a greater disconnect between farmers and consumers than ever before. Acres of Adventure can help expose more people to agriculture and build trust in modern agriculture.

Vice Chair

Matt Reese, Ohio’s Country Journal 

I believe in the importance of Acres of Adventure’s mission, because the future of our farms and food depends on connections between producers and consumers.


Dr. Sally Chevalier, Mohawk Animal Hospital

I believe in the importance of Acres of Adventure’s mission, because exposing young people to agriculture in a positive, hands-on environment will foster knowledge, interest and curiosity in the value of agriculture. 


Ryan Conklin, Wright and Moore Law Co.

The reason I became involved with Acres of Adventure is because I sincerely believe in the “Create, Connect, Cultivate” mission of the organization. Acres of Adventure strives to bring together Ohioans of all backgrounds and viewpoints in the spirit of personal development and agriculture education. As Acres of Adventure continues to grow, fulfillment of its mission will positively impact the agriculture industry, our communities, and the public in a multitude of ways. I am proud to play a part in accomplishing these valuable objectives, and to help Acres of Adventure become the benchmark of agriculture education and personal development in Ohio and across the country.


John Buck, Farmer

As a farmer, my livelihood depends on people understanding what I do. Acres of Adventure helps people get outside, on a farm, to better learn where their food comes from.


Greg Hartschuh, Hartschuh Dairy Farm

There is no better time than now for a project like Acres of Adventure. The future of agriculture depends upon an open dialogue between farmers and consumers. Acres of Adventure will provide the perfect avenue to start authentic conversations. I am excited to be a part of this project.


Megan Hunker-Ruffing, MJ Photography and Design

I became a part of Acres of Adventure in hopes to cultivate a place where farmers and consumers alike can come together to educate the public about agriculture. I believe in the importance of not just telling people about where their food comes from but in the value of showing them and helping them understand why farmers do what they do.


Hallie Williams, City of Bowling Green

I enjoy being a part of AOA, because I want more people to be able to experience what farming is like. This is an amazing life we live and even though farmers are presented with challenges each and every day they pour their hearts and souls into the care of their animals and the land. I hope that visitors to Acres of Adventure get to see this hard work and dedication and beauty that farming provides the community, and maybe a few will take on the challenge and join us in this noble pursuit.


Rose Hartschuh, Volunteer Executive Director Acres of Adventure 

I am excited to be a part of Acres of Adventure. As America gets farther and farther removed from its rural roots, Acres of Adventure is one project that can help bridge the gap between farmers and consumers.